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Tote2Go! Pink Stripe Double Shoppers Detail

Tote2Go! Pink Stripe Double Shoppers

When you found out that a plastic bag would take possibly hundreds of years to degrade, you purchased a reusable grocery bag…but did you know:

  • Many popular reusable bags are made overseas out of polyester –
    • Polyester takes just as long as a plastic bag to degrade
  • Other reusable bags are made out of Nylon –
    • Nylon fabric takes 40 – 50 years to degrade
  • Most grocery stores now sell reusable bags for 99 cents made with Polypropylene
    • Polypropylene takes 450+ years to degrade in a standard landfill environment.

By comparison, the reclaimed fabrics used to create a Tote2Go! product:

  • Cotton (rags) takes 5 months to 1 year to fully degrade
  • Repurposing and reusing existing fabric avoids additional use of energy and resources to produce new fabrics.
  • Tote2Go! cotton grocery bags are tested to be just as strong polyester or nylon bags — holding 30+ lbs. each

Tote2Go! Double Shoppers

Made exclusively with repurposed fabrics!

Tote2Go! tote bags are created exclusively with reclaimed, repurposed and remnant fabrics with a focus on 100% cotton as much

as possible. All of the designs are original and each piece is made with care by hand in a small independent handmade studio in Seattle, WA

Because all of our designs are created with reclaimed and reused fabrics, the colors and patterns you see are only available in very limited quantities. They sell fast so if you see one you like now, it may not be there tomorrow so go for it! You’ll be happy you did.

Don’t see a color that you like in our shop right now? Contact us with a color request and we’ll send you images of fabrics you can choose from! We’re always acquiring new fabrics, so chances are good that we may have just the style you’re looking for!

Check out our Etsy shop to see our NEW products:

  • ID Wallets
  • Card Holders
  • Reversible coasters / set of 4
  • Napkins / set of 4*
  • Zippy pouches in many sizes
  • coming soon: Purses and Laptop Bags!

Let’s see what’s in stock today…